Imagine if all subjects were taught like art class?  Imagine if math was filled with opportunities to self-express or science started with a question that led into days of deep exploration.  Imagine if Bible study took place in the great outdoors where children could see God's word in the prickly pear and the steep trails up the mountainside.  Imagine if teaching was filled with inspiration instead of lecturing.   Imagine joyful learners excited to unfold the wonders of the world.

Math was THE dreaded subject in our home and I couldn't imagine my children inspired to learn math using a textbook.  But I didn't feel confident walking away from the textbook.  That is, until I found Gattegno. My latest project is a joint project with Sonya from Arithmophobia No More, and I invite you to come along and see the benefit of letting go of the textbook and embracing the method of discovery based math. 

It's more than a method for teaching math though.   It will change the way you teach altogether.   Get ready to be inspired with a new approach to teaching.

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About the Author

As a single mom homeschooling four children, running a business and managing a homestead of 2 cattle, 12 chickens, 2 turkeys, 2 pigs and more, it can get a bit crazy, and it requires me to look for the most efficient ways to learn and grow. 

From playing with Cuisenaire Rods to teaching babies to read to Charlotte Mason style learning to keeping Christ at the center of it all, you will find me that sincere friend giving you real tools that make a real impact in the least amount of time.  It's an efficient style of learning and teaching that doesn't sacrifice depth.