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Terms and Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

This is a blog that needs compensation to operate like any other website on the internet. I may create affiliate links to products I am discussing, using or reviewing, and if you choose to use the affiliate links, I may receive compensation for your purchase.  I may receive compensation for providing reviews of products but I provide honest reviews of products I actually use.

Terms of Use

I provide free printables on this site for the purpose of blessing others. They may be downloaded and used for personal use in families, classrooms and homeschool  co-ops.

Documents created by me and made available on this site may not be hosted on another site or sold for any reason. The purpose of these statements is to do what I can to ensure that they remain free and are not used for monetary gain. When sharing with others, please link to the blog and not to the file itself.

Thanks for supporting us and thanks for walking in the blessing of integrity.

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