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Week 2 | Size of the Rods

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Lesson Objective:

Children practice justifying their choices.


Lesson Plan

Week 2 begins again with the same story as last week.  Before beginning with the story, ask the child to pick a rod to represent Papa Bear, Mamma Bear and Baby Bear. *  Let them choose freely.

Ask the child to place the rods behind their back and each time you mention Papa Bear while reading, ask the child to pull the rod that represents Papa Bear out from behind his back.   Have the child do this for all 3 bears. 


After reading the story, have the child place the rods representing the 3 bears down on the floor.   Have them tell you why they choose each rod.  The answers will vary and may have nothing to do with size.  This is okay.  

The Purpose of Justification​

The point of the exercise is justification.  This is relaxed setting where there isn't a wrong answer.   Justifying their answer is developing a habit of reasoning and it hones their communication skills.  

In a group setting, have the student discuss with one another their reasons for choosing the rods that they chose.  

Math Journaling​

If time remains and interest hasn't waned, offer the free activity page and ask the children to draw a picture of their Cuisenaire rods and Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. 

*This activity comes from Cuisenaire: From Early Years to Adult.   See my book review HERE to learn more. 

Free Cuisenaire Rod printables for Playful Discovery!