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Week 3 | Blind Find

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Lesson Objective:

Children play the blind find game to get a better feel for the size of the rods. 


Lesson Plan

Begin the lesson with free play.

After free play, ask the students to sort their rods by color.   Ask the students to mess up their piles.  Now, this time sort by size.  What do they notice?  There may be some "Ah-ha" moments.  The students may have already noticed this.  Either way, this is a fun guided discovery, that offers the opportunity to discuss that the same color rods are the same size. 

Take a break and read "Shark the Clark is Afraid of the Dark."   

Student Discussion

  • Do things look the same in the dark?
  • How can you figure out what something is in the dark?


Pull out the small opaque bag filled with Cuisenaire rods.  Make sure there is few of each rod in the bag.  Ask a student to stick their hand in the bag and try to find the smallest rod without looking.    Ask the class, "Is this the smallest rod?"  Ask another student to do the same thing and repeat the question.  Ask them how do they know without looking? 

Ask another student to try and find the largest rod.  Ask, "Are you certain it is the largest rod? "  "How can you know?"  ​  

The Purpose of the Blind Find

In this activity, students are continuing the practice of justifying their answers, but they are also noting that each color has a particular size and that each rod size has a particular color. They usually pick up on this intuitively through free play, and this activity only reinforces that personal discovery.

Math Journaling

Download the accompanying free activity below for child to record the rods they found in the blind find activity. 

Extending the Blind Find

There is a variety of ways to extend the Blind Find.  You can pick up PDL's Module 1 Task Cards and Manual for more ideas.   

Free Cuisenaire Rod printables for Playful Discovery!