What does Guided Math DIscovery Look Like?

Can Math be playful without lacking depth?

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The idea of teaching math is intimidating, and right now as your child is bouncing happily about the house narrating stories with their toys, the thought of them sitting down for worksheets sounds like a daunting task.  

But what if you could connect with your child's inner storyteller and develop their understanding for math in a way that appeals to their desire to play?  

What if there was a way to teach math without worksheets and traditional textbooks? ​

This has made Gattengo's teaching so much easier for me! I feel as though it's all been handed to me on a plate, laid out wonderfully. The kids love it. I like how they can work through some of the task cards on their own too. I used the printer friendly version and printed it all in black and white. It still looks great. Thanks for this amazing resource!

A Happy  

Imagine a math class that was more like art class where your child was excited to begin the day building interesting and beautiful math equations.  

Imagine your child not needing a textbook because they spent time creating their own equations and discovering new math ideas through playful tasks. Imagine them delighting over equations involving addition, subtraction, fractions, multiplication, squares and cubes...

Maybe that seems like an impossible task, but in my 5 days to More Playful Math email course, I show you how easy it is to start this journey.  I connect you with amazing Math Educators and science based strategies that make this possible. 

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What you get:

      • ​5 Free playful math printables for Cuisenaire Rods
      • See the connection between Charlotte Mason and Gattegno 
      • 3 step strategy for developing confident, self-corrective thinkers
      • the most efficient ways to learn without tedious worksheets and textbooks

As I share with you all these amazing tips and free printables, I will also share with you my latest product, PDL's Math Task Cards.  It is 400+ task cards and 20 playmats that will help you to confidently begin a playful journey of math discoveries.  

I teamed up with Sonya from Arithmophobia No More to create these task cards, and she is offering the first module of the Hands-on Learning with Gattegno free at her blog which is the manual for the task cards.  

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with 5 FREE Playful Math Printables for Cuisenaire Rods (over 20 play mats and Games FREE)  to make math more playful and relaxing.   

This is for you if....

  • You want to know how to become a better home educator.
  • Developing deep, self-corrective thinkers is more important then memorizing facts, algorithms and definitions.
  • You are looking for individualized instruction for your child.
  • You believe math should be more like art class.
  • Want a curriculum that provides endless opportunity to self-express math and where math ideas are discovered instead of informed. 

Check out these learning opportunities!  

Get a look inside and see what it's all about!

Freedom of Expression

Children have freedom to find their own solutions to the tasks.

Exhaustive Discovery

With 10 number building play mats, children have the opportunity to exhaust all the ways you can build numbers up to ten. 

Playful Exploration

With 10 mats, your children will love rescuing these mischievous chicks and practicing building complements.

Reusable and Versatile and Printer friendly

   Black and white version is Available.  Plus, print once and return to them again and again.   Plenty of opportunities to expand exploration in each task card.

Explore thru Comparison

With 3 versatile comparison play mats, children have plenty of opportunity to discover ideas by comparing and contrasting.

Soft Introductions

There are several simple tasks that provide a soft introduction to factoring, equivalencies and multiplication.

Teacher Directed Tasks

Several  Teacher task cards help you to direct exploration to develop awareness for important mathematical concepts.

Practice Building Equations

Children get an easy introduction to writing equations by first reading and verbalizing what they see.

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I created these task cards to go with Sonya's Hands-on Learning with Gattegno Manual Module 1,  and she is giving away module 1 right now over HERE.   Get all the ins and outs of each task card activities.

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PDL's Math Task Cards now!

Have you see enough?  Are you ready to have your kids begging for math?  You can go right over to my Teachers Pay Teachers store and purchase these cards today, and don't worry, there is a printer friendly version of these task cards and play mats, so don't let all the color scare you away.

Free Cuisenaire Rod printables for Playful Discovery!